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May Allah SWT reward you and your family by the plenitude of blessings.

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Ramadan 2024

Nur Insan offers Free Islamic Education for all. Alhamdulillah after 8 years of offering this community service, Nur Insan now has 3 branches in Singapore. Nur Insan's first branch is located in the North of Singapore. It houses the Operations Team, Classrooms, a dedicated studio for online Da'wah and Madrasah recordings as well as a Dars hall for mass courses. 


Nur Insan's second branch in the eastern region of Singapore and its third branch is Nur Insan's newest branch, located in Bukit Batok. In addition, Nur Insan offers Free Islamic Education to Adults as well, ranging from Quran classes to Fardhu Ain Classes.

Among the programs offered by Nur Insan are :

1) Free Weekend Madrasah (Core Program), accommodating 700 students every week.

2) Online Madrasah, named Cloud Madrasah, accommodates 200+ Students, holds students from Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

3) Weekly fardhu ain classes for adults, Iqra and Quran classes for children and adults, all for free

4) 24 Annual Courses during the June and December school holidays, also free of charge

5) Food aid for 400 families under the care of Nur Insan, through the donation of Fidyah community

And various other services for the Muslim community of Singapore.

Your contributions goes towards sustaining these efforts. Contributions will go towards rental costs, utilities, teaching materials, teaching staff fee and all other operational costs. Together, we can make Free Islamic Education available for all. 

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